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Seems I am on something of a bandwagon at the moment when it comes to StarDew Valley. This is a thing that happens when one plays way too much of the game and decides to take up a sketchpad when needing a break from starring at a computer screen. Funny how that works.  The inspiration behind this image was from a suggestion that :iconpudassassin: made. It was as good an idea for a sketch as any, gave me an excuse to flesh out a bit of my Farmer's background. Which lead to the accompanying story pasted below. I may have to upload it as a separate deviation; we shall see.

Art was done with a #5 mechanical pencil on what the cover affectionately calls a 'Scribble pad', hence the grey tone to the paper. And then was very poorly touched up via GIMP. 

SDV: Art Lessons

As was the case every morning, StarDew Valleys most recent resident woke at 6 am. He pulled himself out of his bed, larger now than it had been when he'd first moved to the valley, and shambled to the bathroom, and then, the kitchen. Thank Yoba, he'd thought, for the automated coffee machine he'd been able to get shipped in through Robin, of all people. Who knew the carpentry store would be the place to go for a coffee machine. Swallowing down the fresh nectar of the gods, he made his way outside, pausing to slip on boots and a heavy coat. Sure enough, coffee mug in hand, the farmer saw his fields, covered in snow. It was as expected, he thought to himself, drawing in a slow breath of cold, winter air. 

"Invigorating," he said as his cat came out, bumping against his legs before trotting off across the white coated path towards the bowl left outside for him. Gasper didn't mind the cold, the farmer had discovered. He placed the mug down on the small table on his porch and blinked. The mail flag was up. Ambling over, he rubbed his hands together. Reading mail was a fun way to start the day, before the rigors of farm life. Even in the winter, there were crops to harvest (though if he was being entirely honest, there was considerably less) and of course, animals to feed. Hearing what his neighbors had to say would keep his mind occupied while he went through his checklist of chores.

With breath puffing out in front of him, he opened the mail box. A letter and a package. He went after the package first, recognizing the heavy blocked script of Clint, the local blacksmith. Clint always sent spares of anything he had and they were always useful. The farmer attacked the package with his knife - Clint used an abysmal amount of tape. Sure enough, there was a heavy gold bar inside. That would come in handy later. 

The letter though - it had the gentle, flowing script of an artisan, his name almost drawn onto the envelope. His heart skipped a beat and he knew who it was from. Gently, he eased the paper out, and flipped it open, reading. Seeing his name on the top, in that beautiful handwriting....

"Dear Brutus,
"I know winter is a bit of a lean time for a farmer. And I imagine it means you have a bit of time on your hands. I remember earlier in the spring, you let me draw you for one of my art show pieces. If it wouldn't be too forward, I'd like for you to - if you have the time, of course - return the favor for me. This evening? I'd....really appreciate it. I'll be at my house either way. I hope you show.

"Pretty Please?

There was an imprint of lips next to her signature. She must have used lipstick, something she rarely went for.

Brutus swallowed, hard. He remembered the day in Spring when he had posed for her, steel hoe in hand, shirt tossed aside. She'd caught him in the middle of planting and asked him to keep right on going, and would he mind terribly just stopping for a moment. Yes, just like that. No, you don't need your shirt, she'd said, with a pretty blush as she sucked on the end of her pencil, her red braid tossed over one shoulder, her butt planted firmly on a boulder he hadn't managed to break down. It had been the start of her flirting with him. And he'd returned the favor a few days later, with a bundle of flowers and a home cooked platter of veggies from his own farm.

But he hadn't seen her at all in over a week, not since they had tried to go for a picnic only to be interrupted by her ex. smirk at that memory - he bet the jerk still had a black eye from where Leah had decked him. The fall harvest had sucked away his time- that, and coordinating the last of the house upgrades for this season with Robin. But now with the first snow of winter.... she wanted him to come over and draw her? He had to admit, he was interested. A lot. How could he turn down that invitation?

It meant he had to put off going to the caves for another day. He never got back from those before 9pm, at the earliest, and usually later. He really did need to get some more ores (and Mayor Lewis was up in arms again about the slime population) but....but this was important. It also meant he really needed to quit lollygagging and get on with his chores!

He had raided his small stash of stocked goods for a suitable gift. You don't just come over to someones house without a gift, after all. He'd learned it was the way of the Valley, and he liked it. He swallowed again - why was his throat dry - and knocked on the door, finding it to have been locked. Leah usually had it unlocked if she were at home...

There was some shuffling and the curtain pulled back slightly. The Farmer could just make out Leah's face, peeking from behind a curtain, and the the smile that curled her lips. He could hear her scamper across the floor to the door, the lock clicked,and then the door swung open wide, though he couldn't see Leah. "Hurry up," she said softly from behind the door. So he hurried, scampering across, pausing long enough to knock the snow from his boots.

"I'm sorry I'm a few minutes la---" His words cut off as he saw her standing behind the door. In her robe. 

"Something wrong, Farmer?" She teased, watching how he shook his head, wine in hand. She reached out and took it, walking over to the table and placing the bottle on the edge of it. There was a huge bowl of salad, fresly tossed with veggies he'd given her, he was willing to bet. But the barely covered her rear. It showed off very, very long, shapely legs. In fact, if she bent over any more he was sure he'd see...well...

By the time she turned around he was looking anywhere but at her, and she watched him, in profile for a moment. There was a blush on his cheeks, spreading down his neck. It bought color to hers as well. Carefully, she walked over, and reached up, her hand moving to his cheek, turning him to face her. "Hey there Farmer," she whispered, making sure she had his gaze. "I did say I wanted you to draw me tonight, right?" A nod, the farmer mute now, as if he didn't trust himself to speak. "Do you trust me, Brutus?" Another nod. It was cute, and it gave her courage. 

"Well...there's a pad and pencils over there. I'm going to stand right here..." she walked over to the fire she had going, and blushed, fanning herself for a moment as she watched the flames, then turned, to watch him, "And I want you to draw me. Just. Like. This," And that when she reached down, and undid the tie of the robe. It fell open, revealing what she wore under, as it clung to her shoulders. Which was to say, nothing at all. Not one stitch.

The Farmer learned that night just how good he was at drawing. And that Leah really was a natural redhead.
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ZIYOENTI Featured By Owner May 13, 2017   Digital Artist
For a sketchy style, this is very good :) Cute and accurate.
brutus87 Featured By Owner May 14, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you very much!!! 
Sporeham Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2017
Instead of the usual "she licked her lips" crap, you made something fitting good job 
brutus87 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you :)
Sporeham Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017
Your very welcome 
Pudassassin Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017
Now I'm speechless...... this was sweet of you!
Thank you for bringing my idea into reality Heart Heart Heart Hug 
brutus87 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome ^_^ thanks for sending a good idea. It was fun to draw
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