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Cordus - Inquisitor of Asmodeus by brutus87 Cordus - Inquisitor of Asmodeus by brutus87
Been playing a lot of Pathfinder Society games for the past few years, and I've had quite a few fun characters. I haven't really drawn much of them that I've felt worthy of posting on Deviant Art, but you don't get better if you don't post. I've got four active characters ans a few concepts for more to come. Been sketching on and off this weekend between bouts of work, and I figured I'd post up this one, my most recent 'active' character, Cordus.

Cordus is an Aasamir, a race of beings that have an angelic ancestor somewhere back along the blood line. Unfortunately for Cordus, he was born, and raised, in the Devil Worshiping nation of Cheliax, raising all kinds of questions in the noble family of otherwise 'good' standing he was born into. This lead him to be shipped off at a very early age, into the arms of the local Clergy. Quite a number of years later, the long living Aasamir has emerged as a devout worshiper of Asmodeus, Lord of Hell. He found solace in the Order and Law of the Infernal Realms and sought service to his nations patron deity.

His divine heritage was seen as a boon, allowing him to travel with respect he might not otherwise garner in other nations. This, along with a strong since of duty to Law, and a keen ability to enforce Asmodeus's will, lead the Church to put him to use outside of Cheliax's boarders as an Inquisitor, sworn to hunt down the enemies of Hell - specifically, the chaotic demons of the Abyss and their agents. And given the Pathfinder Society's current plunge into the WorldWound, and their ongoing battles with the demonic forces there in, has given Cordus the perfect opportunity to advance Asmodeus's will and garner favor for Cheliax among the resourceful, if hectic, Pathfinder Society

Of course, no one assumed that Cordus would actually like sticking his nose into abandoned temples in search of treasure, in addition to executing his might against the Demonic horde. It's an odd juxtaposition for the Inquisitor, bound by both Infernal Law and Society guidelines, but so far, he's managed to fight the 'good' fight, carefully maintaining the order of Law without straying too far one way or another on issues of Morality. For now, Asmodeus wills his service to this Society, so Cordus will server, taking some enjoyment in the actions he's allowed. For now.

'Pathfinder Society', 'Asmodeus', and 'Cheliax' are all property of Paizo Publishing and used under the free use licensing clause.
'Cordus', and the art here in are mine. Do not use without asking.
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