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Character Sheet: Nessa Tinuviel Sketch by brutus87 Character Sheet: Nessa Tinuviel Sketch by brutus87
So, this is my first (i think) character sheet for one of my Pathfinder Society characters. Meet Nessa Tinuviel, my level 6 Elf Rogue. This is the sketch version. Maybe I;ll color it. Then you could see her red hair, or golden eyes. Yesterday was a good session for Nessa, and she picked up a lot of new shiny gear. Her travels with the Society have proven profitable (From fights in the streets of Absolom to an undead mission to Geb).

The scanner refused to scan the right hand side of the image, so, here 's a break down of all the items:

Poisoner Scabbard: applies poison to any weapon sheathed in it

Belt of Dex +2: Increases Dexterity score by 2. This increases the modifier, and all skills/stats based on Dex by 1

+1 Mithril Chain shirt: provides a total of +5 to armor bonus: very sturdy, very light, magically enchanted with a base +1 AC bonus

2x wrist sheaths: wrist slot, used to hold small items for quick action retrieval (Nessa uses it for daggers and wands)

Eyes of the Eagle: magically enhanced glasses that add a +5 to perception checks.

Token of the Kobold: necklace that provides a +2 bonus to Diplomacy vs reptilian humanoids (a gift for services rendered)

Daggers: carries multiple, most mundane, but has a few cold iron, and one Mithril

Masterwork Compound Longbow (strength 1): Provides a +1 bonus to hit, and a +1 str bonus to damage

+1 Rapier: magically enchanted rapier that provides a +1 bonus to hit and damage.

Wand of infernal healing : fast healing 1 for 10 rounds regardless of alignment

+1 Darkwood Fortification Buckler: Darkwood buckler (lighter/sturdier then normal wood, no armor check penlaty), that is magically enhanced and provides both a +2 shield bonus to AC as well as a 25% failure chance on all critical hits or sneak attacks to wearer.


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October 7, 2012
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